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Hiya! I’m Alaina. If you're here, it's 

probably because you're looking for some fun family adventures, searching for advice or you love our rather simple fashion. Our life is extra fun because we're an  Army family. I’m a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania where I earned my BS in Professional Studies and I'm just about done with my Master's degree. 


I'm an Auntie. I’m bossed around by a 4-year-old day in and day out and wouldn’t have it any other way. (Kidding about the day in and day out, she’s only bossy sometimes).  


I’m excited to bring our daily adventures to you and stories about my lifestyle from auntiehood to army life. Whether you're a mom, aunt, fashionista, entrepreneur or army wife/girlfriend/SO, there is something for everyone here. I sincerely hope you can relate to my experiences, share your insights and connect with me! 


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