Bringing Up A Wild Child

If you have one, you know. Mine (my niece) is 4 years old and never rests.

There is nothing they are scared of.

Bugs don’t faze them. They pick up stink bugs and worms with their bare hands and bring them to you like they are homemade gifts. That 5 foot ledge that is meant to keep the deer out of the park is a challenge that they are not going to ignore. The “big kids” playground is their first choice, there is no hesitation. Those monkey bars that are 6 feet off the ground are no match for your wild child. They will ask you to lift them up but to stand back so they can do their thing...just for them to fall down and try again a moment later.

They are the leader of the pack.

There is nothing calm or quiet about your wild child. They like to be the “mother hen” and take care of others while also always being in control. When there is a preschool posse, your baby girl/boy is in charge.

The “kids” carts at the supermarket aren’t good enough.

You’d think your wild child would be into pushing their baby dolls in the cute little carts but they couldn’t care less. They need the big momma cart, to prove they can do it just like you can. If you have a wild child you despise bringing them to the store with you, avoiding it at all costs. Racing around the isles, running into displays, you shutter from the embarrassment. But any momma, auntie or mommom who has a wild child of their own understands, thank God because the older gentleman in isle 2 wasn’t as understanding.

Bedtime is a joke.

What even is bedtime with a wild child? You start the countdown an hour before the desired time that rest begins. That countdown literally lasts 2 entire hours. They are never out of energy and are always pushing the limits. Even when you think that daylight savings time will be the perfect way to get back on schedule...they somehow know. They know about your ulterior motives and you can’t get anything past them.

They are the kind of confident you wish you were.

Whether it's making new friends or riding their bike without training wheels for the first time, they believe in themselves beyond our comprehension. On their first day of kindergarten, whether they know their address and phone number or not, they own it. They hear you say a certain phrase and use it until the cows come home whether it makes sense or not. When they want pickles at Chick-Fil-A, they insist on asking the cashier them self, even though you know the cashier is going to start looking around for you to get the “OK” to hand them over.

Your wild child is fierce, brave, energized, sassy, and fearless...but would you want to have it any other way?



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