Christmas Cards - Deployment Style

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We love Christmas cards!! So we make sure to send them out every year because honestly, who doesn't love receiving cards? Especially as new home owners or newlywed's. Putting cards on your shiny new refrigerator is like... YASSS!

We get cards from Matthew's family, a few from mine, and some cards from friends as well and I keep them on the refrigerator as long as there is room. So sometimes until like October of the next year.

Anyway, in true Alaina fashion, I sent out our Christmas cards on Christmas Eve 😂

Now before you make was not my fault. It was a whole mess of confusion, false hope, the postal service failing me, and lots of bright and early phone calls made just to ask if the mail arrived overseas yet.

Sending out cards when your SO is deployed really shouldn't be such a challenge. Here is my suggestions up front...BUY you Christmas sign on amazon or on BEFORE your SO deploys but I realize that might be the last thing on your mind. If you manage to plan this well, stick it in their bag and tell them not to toss it or lose it. Simple as that. Shop here!

So here's where I went wrong. I sent Matt the other half of my sign on Nov. 3rd. That's it. That's where I went Sending something to an APO. He never got it...shocking right? Shipping to an APO sucks! (Update...he received it mid January)

Being the patient and trusting people we are, we held out hope that it would arrive and figured the holidays might be holding it up. After all, Matt works for the postal service when he's not in uniform so we were trusting the process. One day, 2.5 weeks before Christmas, Matt got a package and I was so excited. Turns out it was his new debit card that I had sent him because their was fraud on his old one...WHY couldn't it have been the darn sign? Forget the debit card.

So two weeks before Christmas I asked Matt to write "Christmas" on a piece of cardboard or something 😬🤷🏼‍♀️ At this point I literally didn't care about my plan and how cute I wanted our card to be. I just needed his photo so I could order our cards.

Instead of writing on a piece of cardboard like I suggested, he recruited some crafty women in his unit to help him create a sign. How sweet right? He strung the sign together with zip ties (so rugged right?) and 💥 boom! This is what we got. (He sent his photo to me 2 days before Christmas 😂)

Even though our signs don’t match, I LOVE IT, because Matt put so much work into it. He also stood outside in the rain, proud as hell, with his Christmas sign and smiled even though he was probably just as fed up as me with this whole production.

Shop here with Amazon! To summarize...plan this before your SO leaves the country or in October! You'll be glad you did. Best of luck.



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