Cool Things To Do While Quarantined

So here we sit, a few weeks into our “self-quarantine”. If you read my blog you know that we don’t care to sit still or stay home. We love to get out, we love doing at least something everyday because we are not homebodies. Yet, here we sit. Chloe is playing on my phone and I am typing this post and we’re not going anywhere. We are not scared of Covid-19. We are, however concerned for my grandmother’s health, our friends and neighbors health, and the health of essential workers across the country, so we will be staying home/social distancing to the max.

You might be struggling to think of some things you can do to keep busy so I’ll fill you in on what we have been up to!

1. Clean, clean, clean and involve the little ones.

We cleaned Chloe’s room top to bottom, took everything out, put it in the living room and then re-organized and re-decorated. We got rid of a ton of toys that she hasn’t played with in months and made some toys that she really likes more accessible.

***If you want this tent, the newer version is linked to the photo, just click it!

2. Do some home improvements

Before things got too wild we went to Home Depot and grabbed some shelves, hardware and some paint. We hung new shelving in Chloe’s room and updated her closet to better cater to alllll of the clothes this little lady has. We plan to paint the dining room in the next day or two which means more cleaning and organizing as our dining room doubles as Chloe’s craft room.

(First photo is before, middle and last are afters)

3. Take bikes and scooters to school parking lots and ride

We are huge outdoor people in the sense that we love to just sit outside and do anything and everything. Usually I just walk up and down the street with Chloe while she rides her bike but that has gotten a bit boring. Recently we’ve been riding to the school (which we live super close to) and just riding in the big parking lots because there's no cars or people there. If there are other people, just hang far enough away from them...that’s my solution at least.

4. Do some “homeschooling”

This kind of makes me laugh (sorry) because I know people are trying to keep their kids on a schedule and continue some sort of direct instruction at home --- and people are realizing it’s a bit harder than they expected. As a substitute teacher, I know what it looks like day-to-day in the classroom and I can honestly day, kids don’t sit and learn directly for 6-7 hours. They need like 2 hours of direct instruction being the only kiddo, max. More than that isn’t going to happen...don’t hold your breath. If it does, please come sub in my district, we need you!

5. Go for a drive through the country

This isn’t quite “staying at home” but it is something you can do without coming into contact with others and risking running into a person with Covid-19. We live very close to good old Lancaster County, PA where there are horse and buggies, wide open fields, farms, cows, and tractors to watch. It;s really peaceful as well, highly recommend.

6. Chalk art

Keep your eye out for a post on our most recent chalk art adventures!! It’s a way to be creative during this wild time and it’s time consuming which is good...right?

7. Plant seeds or a garden

Depending where you live, right now might be a perfect time to plant some seeds and watch them grow. We planted seeds during week one of quarantine and they are literally huge already. Every time I walk by I’m flabbergasted by how quickly they are sprouting and how soon we get to transfer them into the garden.

8. Play card games with the family that you haven't played in ages

Even if you have little ones, this is still totally an option for something different and fun to do. We have played countless games of go fish, UNO, and even black jack. Chloe is getting a math lesson and working on her color and number recognition. Pretty cool to kill a few birds with one stone (homeschooling and fun??)

That’s all my ideas for now...when I come up with more, you’ll be the first to know!

Happy quarantine, continue staying home and thank you to all of the essential workers including nurses, doctors, garbage haulers, letter carriers, grocery store workers and all others. You are so important and we appreciate you!



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