DIY Raised Garden Box

I’m excited to share with you my most recent little project that I’m calling my DIY garden box! This might sound ridiculous, but as many of you know, I’m not a “follow the directions” kind of gal so here is quick my attempt at a garden box.

***Disclaimer - Use a measuring tape. I could not find ours so I completed this project by eyeing up each part and it could have definitely had a cleaner finished look to it but, oh well.

Starting with a quick trip to home depot, grab yourself ….

1. 6 pieces of wood.

(I went with (5) 1 in x 4 in x 8 ft Furring Strip Board plus (1) 1 in x 2 in x 8 ft Furring Strip Board)

2. A pack of wood screws

3. A bottle of spray on primer (I got the white color but clear is fine as well)

4. Sample size can of exterior paint in any color

Things you need that you likely already have at home are…

  1. Tape Measurer

  2. Drill

  3. Sandpaper

  4. Saw (circular saw is ideal but a $10 hand saw works fine)

  5. Paint Brush

Old windows and hinges are an addition that many people don't need depending on your location, we are in PA and we still get frost in the evenings so they will help my veggies stay warm! I will say, they look kinda cool and they add a fun twist to this project.

(Pictured below is the box both or no windows, let me know what look you prefer in the comments)

Here’s the steps…

First, you need to cut the wood into (12) pieces. (6) of those need to be 4 feet long and (6) need to be 2 feet long.

Cut the thiner, single piece of wood into (8) equal 1 foot pieces. These pieces are used to attach the pieces together for the sides.

Attach each side together using screws, drill and (2) one foot pieces. Then begin creating the rectangle. It helps to have an extra set of hands here to hold things in place,’s totally possible to do this on your own. I did!

Make sure there are at least 3 screws on each corner and make sure it’s pretty sturdy. Now, remember this is very thin wood, more decorative than anything, so it’s not going to be rock solid.

Sand it! Using your sandpaper buff out the whole thing. I did the outside, ends, and top. No need to sand the inside, especially near the bottom.

Spray or paint on the primer. Since this is brand new wood, we need a good primer so the exterior paint stays on. So a good coat or two and let it dry.

Paint your heart out! This was my least favorite part because I have no patience for painting but I got it done. I went with crisp white because we have a tan and white fence and our home has many white accents so it just worked. If you want to have some fun go with a bright statement color!

Now, if you plan to attach hinges and windows, add them once the paint is dry!

Your box is complete! Now you can all soil, manure, and your favorite veggies, fruits and flowers!

This project is honestly a piece of cake and it looks really nice on our lame patio outback. It also is super close to our back door which means I’m less likely to neglect it. I have a real garden in the far back corner of our little yard and for some reason I just don’t tend to it as much as I should. Here’s to hoping this cute little raised garden box helps me to remember to water my plants and pay attention to their growth!

Happy crafting!!



Lanie Lane | Life In Style

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