Engaged Has A Nice Ring To It!

We're engaged!!

Ready to hear how it happened?! Here we go! Also...Happy Valentine's Day, lovebirds!

So on Wednesday Matt and I took our annual trip to The Hotel Hershey for a spa day and overnight stay. This is one of our absolute favorite places and we go every February. My birthday is Feb. 10th and then Valentine’s Day is of course on the 14th so we do a little trip to celebrate both holidays. (Yes, I’m referring to my birthday as a holiday…. You only get so many so might as well celebrate!!)

We started our day in the spa around noon. I have to tell you about this part because if you’re looking for a spa, you’ve found the one. When you check in you’re given a comfy robe and sandals and everyone walks around in robes all day. (I keep my undies on, but I can confidently say...not everyone does) We changed into our robes and started our spa day in the whisper room. You HAVE to whisper, it’s the only rule. They have Hershey’s hot cocoa, coffee and tea along with muffins and other treats for the taking in the whisper room. There is a silent room but that place is absolutely not for us.

Then we moved on to the super boujee spa buffet. This included food that I’ve never seen before, literally soooo boujee, lol. Regardless, it was delicious. Matt and I sipped a few cosmos and then hit the aromatherapy room for a bit. Something I love so much about the spa is that there are so many spots to just kick back and relax. You’ve got to try this place!

At 3pm we had our couples massage….talk about a DREAM! It was a 50 minute massage and our tables were right next to each other which was kind of sweet. I was having a bit of an anxiety issue all week so I was breathing so heavy and obnoxiously the whole time but I forewarned my masseuse before she started so she didn’t think she was hurting me, haha.

After our massage we stopped back in the whisper room to relax for a few and chatted with another sweet couple from Richmond, VA. People literally come from all over to visit the Hershey Spa, we’re lucky we live only an hour away. Then came the saunas and the pool and jacuzzi and some down time poolside.

By this time it was about 5:15 and we decided to retire. We went back to the room and got ready for dinner. The restaurants in The Hotel Hershey are phenomenal. We took some photo’s pre-dinner because even though I forgot my curling iron and straightener, I thought we looked cute! We walked down to the restaurant we planned to eat in called The Circular. It’s a huge circle if you didn’t guess and realized we weren’t feeling it. We headed back to the room to grab the car keys to head off site to one of our favorite restaurants. We walked up a beautiful flight of stairs to the most stunning mezzanine and my man got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. YASSSSSSS! Of course, yes a million times. It honestly was the sweetest thing, he was so sincere and nervous which is adorable. So here we are, officially engaged after over 6 years together.

The ring is stunning as was the dinner following Matt proposing. I couldn’t even eat, lol but we did drink. I had to call my mom and friends that night because this has been a long time coming. Ahhhh, can you believe it? Now we have a wedding to plan!!!!!! I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life married to my best friend. Yay!



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