Gearing Up For Our Annual Florida Getaway!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

It’s a beautiful day in southeastern PA today. Even though it’s still winter it is a lovely 52 degrees and the sun is shining bright, thank goodness!!

Today were finalizing plans for our annual Florida trip which we take at the end of March every year. By the end of March were sooo ready for summer to be here and we need that warm weather for a few days. This year our trip is going to be super short but it’s going to be super sweet!

Each March we visit Clearwater Beach, FL which is on the gulf about a dream. We first found this lovely little town in 2010 and we fell in love. Since our first trip to Clearwater, things have really changed. Now it’s a busy, rambunctious town but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it. We still love every little bit of Clearwater Beach from the restaurants to the beaches to all of the amazing things to do.

Our plan is to just do the beach this year. No Disney, no Universal Studios, no driving all over creation...just the beach! Say it with me --- relaxation!

My favorite thing to do which I don’t do when we go to the Jersey shore is to kick back with a frozen drink (they make them strong there) and just sit or swim. The water is perfect, everything is in walking distance and the locals are great.

I’m getting all giddy just writing about our upcoming trip. Sooner to the date I’ll let you all know where we plan to stay and what we are planning to do while were are away this year. Because I don’t fly, I’ll be taking the train (Go Amtrak, wohoo) and my family is flying. Keep your eye out for my blog post that I’ll write once I’m on the train next month!

Yay for Florida! All you Floridians, please realize just how lucky you are… I’m so jealous.



Lanie Lane | Life in Style

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