How Matt and I Met

Happy Friday everyone!

I recently made a post about my and Matthew’s communication during his deployment, you can read it here!

I just want to make sure were all on the same page...we are totally good, stellar actually. He drives me nuts with his lack of communication and I’m sure I drive him insane because I’m always spending money when I shouldn’t be. You can’t tell me I’m the only one who does that…

But regardless, he’s 100% my person.

I’m excited to share about how we met because even though it’s been 6 years, it feels like yesterday. I totally replay the day we met in my head way more than I should.

So in 2013, I got a job at Boscov’s (a department store chain in the northeast). I was sooo excited to work there, I was fresh out of high school and it was a 10 minute commute to my college. My mom also worked at the same Boscov’s location when she was in college so it was a sweet little following in her footsteps kind of thing.

Anyway...nearing the end of my shift Matt came over to my register to pick something up; he worked in a different department. We chatted for a minute, he was just so sweet. I remember trying not to blush. He’s such a gentleman so of course he asked me my name, how I was doing on my first night and if he could help me with anything. I was low-key overwhelmed but I played it cool, haha!

Anyway, a week or two later we were both at the same party. He drank wayyyy too much so our second ever conversation was a joke. If I would ask him, he probably wouldn’t even remember the night. I do however have photo for

OK, this was Halloween 2013. This was the first ever picture of Matt and I together. We just so happened to be standing next to each other... I also hate beer. I was obviously trying to be cool by drinking that beer. This is the party where Matt was 3 sheets to the wind, no recollection, what-so-ever.

So finally we started texting and he asked me to go on a date. I hadn’t dated anyone since high school so I basically felt like I was out of the game...that sounded so dramatic. It had been like 11 months that I was “single”. I was literally so nervous. He was so not my type, I hated his wardrobe, I thought he needed a haircut, yada yada. But I went.

It was at this cute little coffee shop in West Reading. The main street there is absolutely magical, especially in the evening. It was cold outside but I remember what drink I got...a frozen hot chocolate. What a contradiction right? He also told me to pick out some of these adorable little fancy chocolates that were so expensive and didn’t even taste good. It was such a sweet gesture though. We had our first, and seriously horrible, kiss that night on my parent’s porch when he brought me home. It was just a hot mess, lol. Anyway...

We never looked back.

I couldn’t even tell you about our second, third or fourth dates. I don’t have that great of a memory but I’m sure they were just as sweet as the first.

Then we had this magical workplace relationship which was such a hoot. All of our co-workers were always way too into our business but it was cute. We got in trouble more than once for chatting on the job but I’d do it all over again. I eventually quit my job there to finish my degree and he left eventually too. We still stop in to the store where we met to visit old friends and so everyone can ask us when were getting married (HINT HINT MATTHEW).

So yea, we fell in love in such a conventional way but it's still our sweet little story. He swept me off my feet and has been my biggest supporter for the last 6 years. I absolutely adore him and even though he has his quirks, he’s the only person I could ever imagine spending my life with! I love you, Matthew

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