Kalahari Weekend for Family Fun - We Can’t Wait

Just wanted to post a quick tidbit about our upcoming weekend. Since Chloe has turned one, we visit the Kalahari Resort in the Pocono Mountains in PA every fall or winter! Kalahari is an indoor water park and it’s MASSIVE! You could spend days on end at this resort and never run out of things to do...let me rephrase ---- MOMS, you don’t have to entertain, Kalahari does it for you!

Chloe is a pretty good swimmer, she’s taken lessons for the past two years and we spend many summer days at the pool so she’s very comfortable in the water. (Too comfortable actually...she gives me a heart attack because she’s overly confident, lol) We still bring her floaty, even though they supply vests to borrow, in case she wants to do the big slides but she’s pretty content in the children’s areas. There are like 4 huge areas just for kiddos, they take up more than half of the waterpark if I could guess. There is a wave pool which she’s uncertain of still because the waves are BIG but regardless, she never runs out of things to check out.

Chloe gets so over stimulated when we come here and she usually crashes around 7PM for the night which is unheard if you know her!!

For Aunties, Uncles, Mommas and Dads ---- there are BARS!! There are literally BARS everywhere! So at any given moment you can mosey on up to the tiki bar and grab a cocktail or massive frozen drink. Oh yea, I forgot to mention...it’s soooo warm in the water park that you feel like you’re on a tropical island! The frozen beverage really hits the spot each year for me, lol

I almost forgot about the indoor/outdoor hot tubs for the adults. To die for, seriously!

Aside from the kids areas, the bars and the wave pool there are at least 8 other water rides and they are astronomical. Personally, I’m not much of a big thrilling ride person so I hang with Chloe but if you’re into it, you’ll have even more fun at Kalahari!

Now...if you check the Kalahari website you probably realized it’s not cheap! But here is the best part ---- When you stay the night you get complimentary wristbands for the waterpark! We spend about $250 a night (give or take) and can all get into the park at no additional cost. Chloe thinks sleeping over in hotels is the best thing so of course we stay the night.

The lower level hosts an arcade and playroom which Chloe usually hits up in the AM before we leave for home. Otherwise there are restaurants on site, the bell captain rocks and the hospitality is exceptional! We are so excited to visit this weekend since Chloe is so comfortable swimming this year for our visit. Wish us luck! xoxo

***For you MILITARY families, they offer a great military rate as well, so be sure to take advantage of the offer!



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