Men's Gift Guide - Budget Friendly

You might be thinking what I’m seems a little last minute for a gift guide but honestly people - - - IT’s DECEMBER 1ST! If you’ve started shopping already, I don’t think we can be friends. Just kidding of course.

I wish I were that kind of girl who knows what she needs to get and is ready with gifts wrapped by the first week in December but my momma didn’t raise me to be that kind of organized, lol. I remember waking up one Christmas Eve as a child to see my mom carrying the wrapping paper down the stairs. She was just starting to wrap gifts at 11 PM on Christmas Eve so yes, I was destined to be a hot mess.

Anyway, I’m here to share with you some sweet gift ideas for your husband, fiance, significant other, etc. Naturally, Matthew is very hard to shop for. I’ve put a lot of thought into what I’m getting him this year so I wanted to share with you all of the gifts I plan to send him while he’s deployed and the one’s I’ll have waiting for him at home when he returns in a few months!

The Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet

This wallet (I hate to even call it that because it’s so slim) is going to be perfect for Matt to use. I’m sure the man in your life will love it too. Matt is the definition of a minimalist which really makes me laugh because I love all of my random stuff, two peas in a pod right? Anyway, it comes in so many colors and textures; you’re sure to find the perfect look for your dear husband. ***This one will be waiting at home for him so it doesn't get dirty and beat up before I get to see him use it!

The Beard King

I know this is hilarious and seems so silly but if you share a vanity area (sink) you know that this is a serious issue. Now, lucky for me, my fiance cleans up WELL but he still misses some beard trimmings here and there and they are gross. It's one of those gifts that will make your hunny chuckle on Christmas morning and it’s really like a gift to yourself.

Solar Power Bank Portable Panel Charger

If you have a significant other in the service, this is an absolute must. First of all, it’s going to make communicating while they are in the field, on missions etc. so doable. Gone will be the days of “sorry, my phone was dead”. There’s no excuses left if they have the Solar Power Bank Panel Charger. This is perfect for those men who love being outdoors hiking, camping, or the ones who go to the Eagles game with 20% battery and then can’t figure out how to get home without directions. **I'm sending this directly to Matt. He needs it!

The DOPP KIT | durable waxed cotton canvas bag w/ leather handle

A toiletry bag? YES. All men need a toiletry bag, no questions asked! Growing up, my dad always had one and would whip it out while we were on vacation. I always thought, how strange? Now I think about it and dad is a genius. Let’s get real here, you don’t want your man to forget his razer and have to borrow yours, at least I don’t lol. If you buy him this bag, he’s bound to use it.

I’m expecting this in the mail tomorrow and I can’t wait to get my hands on it, it is so stylish! Be sure to check out the colors that this bag comes in. (I purchased it in the color Alpine Lake because Matt loves blue and it will match the luggage he already has)


Matthew loves water bottles, he likes to buy different brands to find out what he likes best. Camelbak bottles ALWAYS prove to be his favorite and what he uses most often. I’m excited to get the Chute Mag Bottle for Matt because it’s insulated which means he can use it all day long. Even better, it’s reusable of course. Use code “HOLIDAY25” for 25% off through Dec. 2!

Sushi Socks Box | Salmon Cucumber Maki

OK, these are fun! Matt seldom dresses up, but when he does his socks are always super boring and honestly embarrassing. He absolutely loves sushi, he devotes Wednesdays nights to it as a matter of fact (when he’s not deployed), so these socks are perfect for those times when he needs something a little more fun than black crew socks. I’m sure he will love the craft behind and be perplexed about where I got them...shhh! They are super cost effective so don’t tell.

JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Bundle & Protective Travel Case

Ok, so I have this bad habit where I sit back and watch Matthew clean because to be frank, he’s really good at it. He misses nothing, not one corner or one foot of the chair, thank goodness because I suck at deep cleaning anything. Anyway, he keeps out house sooo tidy and he always listens to music while he’s cleaning so I figure it would be nice to get him a newer, bigger and better quality portable bluetooth speaker. It’s the least I can

This one is perfect, I know this because I have my own. The quality is fabulous, the sound, the charge it holds...all second to none. Do your husband a favor and buy him this. Maybe he’ll pick up a broom like my man and get to work!

Camelbak Octane Dart | Reflective Running Pack

Matt is a runner so this is one of those gifts that is perfect for him but will also give me some peace of mind. It’s reflective so I can relax when Matt’s out running at 10PM and it holds 50oz of water so it will be ideal for his 7+ miles 3 times a week. The running pack is something Matt would never buy for himself so I’m sure he will be surprised to see it under the tree, or on the table in our case because I’m not putting the tree up this year. Use code “HOLIDAY25” for 25% off through Dec. 2!

Luxury Terry Cotton Bathrobe

I’m so excited about this’s why! It’s cozy and practical. Matthew and I visit the Spa at the Hotel Hershey every year and out favorite part has to be the robes that are given to us to be used during our spa day AND the robes hanging in the closet when we get to our hotel room. We always joke about stuffing one in our bag and taking it home because who wouldn’t want a luxury robe? (We just joke about it...we’re not thieves, I promise)

When he opens this one after he returns from his deployment he’s going to be overjoyed. This bathrobe is made of the same material and comes with disposable slippers too!

Whether you are on a budget or are planning to splurge a little this holiday season, I hope some of these gifts are also ideal for your husband, fiance or significant other. I totally get what it’s like to shop for a man who is impossible, the one who says “nothing” when you ask them what they would like for Christmas this year (and every year). If there is something specific you are in the market for, let me help you find it.




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