Milky Chic Gift Box (You Need This)

Happy Friday everyone!

So I recently had the privilege of partnering with an amazing company called Milky Chic. They gifted me this super sweet box that is filled with goodies that most moms, aunts, grandmoms etc., would never go out and buy for themselves because let's be honest, we’re all way too busy to think about ourselves. We don’t buy bath bombs and body scrubs often.

So anyway, I want to get right down to it...this box is THE BEST! If you can't wait, shop the entire collection here! When I opened my gift, the smell of warm vanilla sugar radiated from the box. There is no way the maker behind Milky Chic could know this but vanilla sugar is literally my go-to and favorite scent.

Packaged oh so sweetly and labeled “homemade with love”, this box has become my “gift to give” for Mommas-to-be! You can check out all of the gift box options here.

The gifts inside of the box are literal perfection, including everything down to the tissue paper which really pops when you open the box! The donut bath bomb drew my attention first...Chloe loves bath bombs (don’t tell her because this one is MINE). And yes, you read that right, it’s in the shape of a donut with sprinkles. I haven’t brought myself to use it yet because it’s so darn cute but I’m especially excited to try it out.

The eye mask is something new for me. I’ve never used one but can imagine I may actually get some peace if I wear it...maybe! LOL. If not, I can pretend I’m at the spa while I have it on and that’s definitely a close second to some peace and quiet. There is also some sweet vanilla cake epsom soak which definitely contributed to the breathtaking smell when I first opened this box. I’m very excited to say that I already got a chance to use this and I absolutely need more. It’s made in the USA and is cruelty free! As you all know, I’m an army spouse and a dog mom/animal advocate so these two labels had me jumping for joy. (All of the beauty/body products in the Milky Chic box are cruelty free and made in the USA. Wohoo!!!)

Has anyone tried Rock Candy Sugar Scrub? You need to if you haven’t. There are only three ingredients in this product which I really love and again, it smells heavenly! The sugar scrub is also a really great size, I will be able to use this daily for at least a month, if not longer. It’s going to work wonders for me this winter when my hands get super dry. There is also a cute little lip balm in the guessed it, it smells fab!

As a writer, this next gift really made me smile ---- a new journal / notebook. First of all, it’s hot pink and says “goal digger”. I totally cracked up when I read it because I thought it said something else but goal digger is much more descriptive of me rather than the latter. Again it’s hot pink and reminds me of my absolute favorite clothing and accessory brand (Lilly, of course) and it will look great when I pull it out of my chevron Dooney tote. The color is just fabulous and the quality is amazing.

This box also contains an adorable zipper pouch that reads “Be Happy Be Kind”. I love this for a number of reasons.

1. It’s a little reminder to be kind --- As if Ellen telling us every day isn’t enough, jk. But honestly, it’s needed. The more kindness we put out into the world, the more there will be for our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

2. It’s super functional! I’m currently using it to hold my random travel makeup that I’ve tossed in my carry-all. It makes finding what I’m actually looking for SO much easier and again, every time I reach for it, I’m reminded to be kind.

3. It’s handmade!! I feel really good about using it because I know a mom somewhere has poured her heart into making inspirational, functional items and that makes me happy.

The final item in this incredible gift box is a pair of cozy socks. This is my favorite gift of them all, to be sure. I’m the kind of girl who loves all things comfortable. They have the cutest little saying on them, If you can read this, bring me CHOCOLATE! Yes, I’m a chocolate lover so these are perfect for me. If you haven't guessed already, yes, I am wearing this cozy socks while I’m writing this post. You need a pair!

Really, you need this gift box, not just the socks! So what's the best way to get one? Give one!

Shop here for the Just For You gift box ($54.99 USD) which contains all of the gifts I’ve

described above. Whoever is on the receiving end will be forever indebted to you… again, just kidding!

If you’re looking for something to give that brand new Mom, try the You Got This Mom gift box. It’s full of new momma essentials that will be at the top of her list.

Maybe you need a teacher gift, a gift for a friend who's husband just deployed or a gift for the best auntie in the world...SHOP the Guaranteed To

Impress gift box. It’s only $24.99 USD.

Regardless of who you are shopping for (even if you want to treat yourself), you will find just what you are looking for here. The contents of any Milky Chic box are top quality, handmade/homemade and are quite literally guaranteed to impress. If you have any questions for me about the products, send me a message and don’t forget to subscribe for updates!

Happy Shopping!



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