New Master Bedroom Furniture and Bedding

I don’t usually blog on Wednesdays but I am so excited to share with y’all my new bedding and master bedroom furniture! Everything I got to refresh the master bedroom was purchased on Amazon or from Marshall’s and I know you’ll love some of these great finds.

At Marshall’s I scored a Calvin Klein bedding set and it’s totally perfect. It included some accent pillows and shams and only cost $69.99 for the whole set. This is not a duvet guys… it’s an actual comforter which I’m all about. Unfortunately I can’t link to Marshall’s but go go go and check out their bedding sets because they are sooo affordable and great quality.

I also grabbed a set of Calvin Klein sheets in grey to match the colors of the accent pillows that came with the bedding set. They are super soft and only ran me $34.99 which is such a steal so be sure to check those out too!

Here’s the part where I gush over my absolute favorite piece of furniture in our master bedroom --- my new HEADBOARD!! So we always had a dinky, faux wood headboard and then we took it off because it was so cheesy and just didn't have one. We’ll I got tired of looking at the bare wall behind the bed so I took to amazon and found the absolute most perfect one! You can grab yours HERE.

I seriously didn’t know what I was missing until I purchased this bad boy. It completely tied the room together from our flea market found armoire to our clearance ottoman blanket chest. Get yourself a tufted headboard, just do it. I think I paid maybe $115 for it in the queen size version with free shipping on Prime.

Otherwise I grabbed some new storage item’s as well and a new lamp shade that better fit the aesthetic. Shop storage HERE.

That’s all for now.



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