Quarantine Induced Room Renovation!

Welcome to day 3 (or so) of attempting self quarantine and social distancing! In my house we’ve been trying very hard to stay busy without going out too much. This has proved to be very challenging as we are not home bodies...we love to be out and about but for everyone’s safety we are trying our best to stay home.

On day 2 we redid Chloe’s bedroom!! Here are all of the details. I HIGHLY recommend deep cleaning, organized and de-cluttering your home during the next two weeks. It feels amazing!

We shopped The Home Depot for some closet and shelving essentials and A.C. Moore for organizational and decorative containers. Of course we did a little Amazon shopping as well...


OMG this room was a cluttered wreck. It’s not usually this messy TBH. This was after Chloe had a friend over and they literally tore her room apart looking for her FurReal Friend, lol. (They found it) All of the stuff that is on the bed was previously to the left in Little Tykes toy boxes and sitting on her long dresser! I took the before photo about 10 minutes into operation room redo!

P.S. ---- Look at how unorganized her books are...a travesty really. Keep reading to see her new book set up!


So the goal was more room in the center of her bedroom to play because she has soooooo many toys and nowhere but the family room to play with them. Ideally, our family room will no longer be full of toys.

My favorite functional addition is the cube organizer turned book case. Click the link to grab one for your home! I put this baby together in 20 minutes, by myself and it cost under $80.

We added this super sweet dress up area which is in her reach and not hidden in her closet. There isn't tons of space in her room but we did our best to utilize this wall. Materials for this part of the project were all purchased at home depot. Here's what you'll need...

1. A white shelf or two (We went with the Rubbermaid brand from Home Depot)

2. Brackets with the rod holder + a rod (Home Depot also)

3. A drill (Dewalt = the BEST) + hammer

4. Anchors and screws

5. A level or a yard stick

That's it! And this all cost under $50 if you already have the drill, hammer and yard stick!

We found a super cute little chalk board for under $12 and hung it so when Chloe plays "teacher", which is all the time, she will have a board to write on. This is actually my favorite part of the room renovation. She's so into learning and teaching and this addition totally rocks.

Her new bedding is from Target! Get it here. What I love about it is that it's white with pops of color. It definitely will match any theme and is really perfect for any age too!

The dresser needs to be redone and the walls need to be repainted but...that's for another day!

Do you love? I know I know...it's not that classic white, "not actually lived in" kind of room. Chloe actually plays in here and sleeps in here. This is a real life room renovation that took us a total of 5 hours...interrupted quite a few times. It's not perfect but I can assure you, Chlo LOVED it!



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