Welcome Home Soldier

** Happy Tuesday All **

It’s been a hell of a weekend in my house and I’m so excited to share the details with you all.

We started our weekend early with catching Disney On Ice Thursday evening in Allentown. It was amazing and a longer than when we went last year. Great show and totally worth the $20 a person, I seats rocked!

Then Friday night I walked into a room full of my closest family, friends and neighbors, all ready to celebrate my early 25th birthday and my brothers 21st birthday. I’ve never had a surprise birthday party thrown for me (even if it was a dual party), but I’m usually the one throwing the parties.

Saturday we stopped by our favorite farm to visit with the horses and give them snacks. It’s called Ryer’s Farm for Aged Equines, it’s literally such an amazing place. If you’re local to Berks, Lancaster or Chester County -- PLEASE go visit this place. If your kids need to get out of the city or the regular schedule, this is the place to go. Need a little peace...you’ll find it here.

Then Sunday morning came. I picked Chloe up like I normally do and on my way home my sister insisted I stop by my house so she could grab her debit card out of her car. She spent 15 minutes, literally 15 minutes tearing her car apart looking for her card. Magically though, I didn’t lose my patience. I just sat there talking to Chloe in the car and looking back now I’m really never that patient. Anyway, we got to my Mom’s house and Chloe of course ran into the house ahead of me and guess who was sitting on the chaise right inside the door?

MY MAN!!!! HE’S HOME!!!! Chloe got to say hi and give hugs first and it was the most beautiful thing. She was so overwhelmingly happy to see her sweet Uncle Matt who she’s missed terribly. She’s cried so many times to see her Uncle Matt since he’s been gone so this was just so so sweet. She started to cry but you could tell it was just happy tears. Ugh, my heart. Then it was my turn, I couldn’t even believe I was finally hugging my better half, I knew he was coming home soon but this was sooner than I expected so to say I was surprised is an understatement.

Talk about a hell of a weekend right? I literally need the week to calm down, lol.

So now we’re here. I’m trying my best to get back into the swing of things. See, for the last year, I’ve basically been camping out at my moms (I mean on her sofa or in Chloe’s room). I was a little uncomfortable being alone but more so wanted to spend as much time with Chloe and my family as possible. Now, going from spending a majority of my days and nights with Chloe and my family, I’m having a hard time readjusting to life at our house. It’s only been a few days so I know in time things will go back to “normal” but it is a big change.

If you’re a military spouse I’d love to hear about how you kind of went from one way of life, to another and then back to the first. In my case I went from living at home to living with Matt in our for 4 years to back home (basically) and now back to our home again. It’s a lot and I’m struggling. Who has advice?

Regardless, my heart is finally whole again and I’m over the moon. It feels like the honeymoon phase all over again and I love it!



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