Winter fun in Hershey, PA!

Happy MLK day!

Last week, I realized that Chloe’s school was closed today (Monday...MLK Day) so I booked us a room at the Hershey Lodge. I completely didn’t even consider that every single other child had off of school today (my college educated brain fails me from time to time, lol) so of course when we pull up to the valet I’m like WTF. Why is there literally a million people here? So yes, I booked a hotel with a mini indoor water park on a holiday weekend but no, I don’t regret it one bit.

So first off, here’s the ONE thing you need to know if you’re traveling/vacationing over a holiday…


Just kidding but in all honesty, you’ll need it. The Hershey Lodge and the Hotel Hershey do an amazing job of accommodating all of their guests but they can only do so much when they are sold out. There were lines for everything but it is what it is.

Here’s a quick tip…. make a reservation for dinner as soon as, or before you arrive. We ended up waiting 1.5 hours for dinner and by the time we sat down we were exhausted, miserable (mostly Chloe), and a little drunk (me, haha). The only place there wasn’t a long line was the bar because there were 6 of them. Regardless, the food was fabulous even though it was so late at this point. Absolutely worth the wait though.

This brings me to my next thought, bring your own alcohol for the mini fridge in your room. I love a good $13.00 vodka cran but I love it more when I make my own for $2.00 with absolutely no line!

As soon as we got to the water works part at the Hershey Lodge we realized we were late to the game. There were ZERO seats in the whole water park. In fact there were people sprawled out all over the floors because there was absolutely nowhere to sit. I’m certain everyone in the place had at least one kid so of course that entails bags and bags of “stuff” which were also everywhere. Just tossed in corners and piled high on the single chairs.

It’s quite comical and embarrassing for my family but I turn into this crazy lady where it comes claiming chairs at pools, whether were in Atlantic City, in Miami or at a water park; I’m on my toes. I hate standing around and I love having our own space so naturally I was all over the family who looked like they were leaving...SCORE!! We managed to get an entire table (seriously, I was happy about a silly table...that’s how busy it was) and totally pissed off about a dozen other families who were also on the prowl for seats. My tip...don’t feel bad for being a little annoying or overbearing ---- that’s how we managed to have our own space for the remainder of the day at the pool!

While at the pool Chloe wore the cutest Cat & Jack suit that we just bought a few weeks back. It has snaps like a onesie so it’s easier to go potty which we ADORE!

** So Functional **

Tip number three, bring your sweet tooth. You get a Hershey’s bar the moment you check in and after that, there’s chocolate everywhere. Chocolate martini’s, milkshakes, cookies, cakes; you name it, they have it.

Take advantage of the packages the Hershey Lodge offers. We went with the Kid’s Play, Splash and Eat FREE. It was a super deal for the extra few dollars. We got two free Hershey towels, $20 in arcade credits and free lunch in the pool area. I highly recommend upgrading to a package for your stay...just go for it.

We really had to roll with the punches during our little getaway but overall we had a spectacular time. Chloe had a ball and that’s all that matters. She got to swim her heart out, win cool arcade prizes and fill up on so much chocolate. With your stay at the Hershey Lodge or the Hotel Hershey, you will get complimentary tickets to Hershey Gardens and the Hershey Story Museum. They are valid for 7 days so we plan to go to the gardens one day this week when were looking for something to do! We don’t really live close to Hershey, PA but we’ll make the trip because we LOVE it there.

If you plan to book a stay at one of the hotels, send me an email. I’d live to talk about your plan and give you any extra advice to make your stay the best!!



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