Winter Wonderland

Over the weekend we got to visit one of our family's favorite places, Cape May, NJ. We typically go to Cape May in the summer (of course as being on the east coast means we only have about 4.5 months a each year to enjoy the actual beach and all that goes along with it). Excuse my language but fu*k the cold and winter months. We want summer!!

Anyway, we do try to make it down to the shore each year right around Christmas to visit Cape May’s Congress Hall Winter Wonderland. Congress Hall is like the northeastern version of the Colony Hotel. It’s stunning and the decorations are so over the top, but that's to be expected at such an upscale hotel. As a matter of fact, I’m aiming to have my wedding here...whenever Matthew might decide to propose ---- it’s been over 6 years people. It’s time!

Anyway, their Winter Wonderland is a place to buy gifts for anyone on your list from handmade treasures to home decor and apparel. In the courtyard there is a massive tree decorated to the tippy top and adirondack chairs facing the ocean which is a lovely touch. The carousel the a huge plus for families with little ones or us adults who are looking for a magical few minutes outside of reality. Lol

Chloe wore the sweetest S. Rothschild & Co coat, it’s from last year but you can shop here!

Chloe’s favorite part is the miniature train. It takes you on a little ride around the courtyard and the shopping area. At night you can see all of the lights perfectly from the windows of the little train and it’s spacious enough that parents, aunties and Gransmom’s can join in on the fun. Chloe was such a ham this year… the conductor said, let’s sing jingle bells so naturally Chloe belted the tune, louder and prouder than anyone else riding the train. Que the embarrassment, haha. But it really was so sweet to watch her having the time of her life with the world lit up in the background with a million little lights.

At one point we did have a small emotional breakdown because last year Matthew joined us on our winter getaway to Cape May and Chloe remembered riding the carousel with him and went into full meltdown mode.

“I miss Uncle Matt”

“Can I call Uncle Matt? I want to show him the carousel.”

“Is Uncle Matt meeting us here?”

No. No darling, he’s not.

Full waterworks followed but only lasted for a short time, luckily.

Every time this happens, I want to cry too. It’s really hard for a 4 year old to comprehend exactly what service men and women do and why it's away from home sometimes. It’s even harder to look a child in the eyes and say “I’m not sure when, but he will be back.”

Regardless, life doesn’t stop for emotional breakdowns...right? We had a fabulous time in Jersey and got to get some shopping in…. YES!! Cape May’s Washington Street Mall has the sweetest little shops and restaurants where we LOVE to stroll. I got this super sweet cape here and it’s the warmest little number.

My cape (found in the accessories department, in case you can’t find it) is from Macy’s and it’s literally 50% off right NOW! This is the warmest and most comfortable thing ever. I felt super confident in it too… WIN WIN. Shop my look here!

I’m also recently obsessed with knot headbands and Chloe always wants to wear one too, which lasts about 5 minutes because she complains that it hurts her head. If you are into knot headbands and have a favorite on, LET ME KNOW. I’m all about buying one to match every outfit I own.

SO if you’re in NY, NJ, PA or DE, go visit Congress Hall in Cape May. You will not be disappointed and you can get all of the “last minute” gifts you need. When I say last minute I actually mean it. I’m known in the family for being out on Christmas eve getting all of the gifts I put off for weeks lol

Happy Shopping



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